11-13mm grey Tahitian pearl & sterling silver necklace

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11-13mm AA+ multicolour grey Tahitian saltwater pearl & sterling silver necklace

A beautiful Tahitian pearl necklace at an excellent price.

A 48cm (19 inch) multicolour grey natural Tahitian saltwater pearl necklace with sterling silver circle clasp. The pearls are hand knotted between each pearl, onto double threaded grey silk.

The pearls are natural grey AA++ (nacre and luster) /AA+ (small natural surface circles) quality Tahitian pearls with an thick nacre, a radiant luster and a peacock overtone. These Tahitian pearls are semi-round to drop shape.

These pearls are a modern classic. A perfect gift for a special occasions. Normally only available in specialist pearl shops, these pearls would normally cost more than £1000.