14-20mm fireball freshwater pearl & 18ct gold necklace

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Natural AA++ quality 14-20mm fireball freshwater pearl & 18 carat gold necklace

An amazing and unique 47cm (18.25 inch) natural gold, peach, pink, purple, and white coloured freshwater bead nucleated pearl necklace with an 18 carat gold clasp (marked 750). The pearls are hand knotted between each pearl, onto double threaded matching silk.

The pearls are huge fireball shaped amazing quality bead nucleated cultured pearls with a thick nacre, a radiant luster and a rainbow overglow. The smallest pearls are approx 14mm long. The body of the biggest pearl is 14mm round, and is approx 20mm long

This type of pearls are new, produced in a similar manner to Kasumi and South Sea pearls, and the result is a pearl that is similar to the wonderful warm silky high luster of South Sea pearls. The Chinese are culturing these pearls from the same mussel used in Lake Kasumi-ga-Ura.

This necklace is one of a kind - you cannot find these pearls on the high street, and in a specialist pearl jewellers a similar necklace would be 2-4 x this price.

The necklace will be presented in a complementary gift box.